The Festive Top 20 on Zimbabweland

The blog is taking a break for the festive period, and will be back in January. In case you missed some blogs, and you now have some time to catch up over the holidays, I have compiled the Top 20 most viewed blogs over the last year (in rank order). Do share, add comments and suggest new themes and issues for 2013. Thanks for reading!

1 Zimbabwe’s beef industry
2 China and Brazil in Zimbabwe
3 Robert Mugabe… what happened?
4 Young people and agriculture
5 Why nations fail: perspectives on   Zimbabwe
6 The next great trek: from   Zimbabwe to Nigeria
7 Small farms, big farms
8 A growing evidence base: yet more   inconvenient truths
9 Zimbabwe’s land myths exposed –   implications for South Africa?
10 Two new books on Zimbabwe’s land   reform
11 Who took the land? More on the   ‘crony’ debate
12 Class and rural differentiation   after land reform
13 The golden leaf: boom time in   Zimbabwe
14 Geographies of violence
15 ‘Resource nationalism’: a risk to   economic recovery?
16 Land and the draft Constitution
17 Dead capital: De Soto’s fallacies   in Zimbabwe
18 Farming under contract
19 The case for redistributing land   – evidence from South Africa
20 Education on the farms


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