Catch up on Zimbabweland

In case you haven’t been keeping up with all the posts on this blog, here’s a list of the top 20 in the past year in terms of numbers of views. I am away on holiday for a couple of weeks, but check in soon for more posts. And don’t forget to sign up for the weekly post to be sent to your email address. Or if it’s your thing, follow @ianscoones on Twitter for auto alerts. Thanks for reading. There’s now over 200 posts on the site, and in the last year there were nearly 50k views, on a huge array of topics.

1 Zimbabwe’s agricultural sector goes from ‘bread basket to basket case’? Or is it (again) a bit more complicated?
2 Policies for land, agriculture and rural development: some suggestions for Zimbabwe
3 Zimbabwe’s poultry industry: rapid recovery, but major challenges
4 Zimbabwe’s beef industry
5 What if Greece was in Africa?
6 Farming under contract
7 Abbatoirs and the Zimbabwe meat trade
8 Bill Gates discovers redistributive land reform
9 Greece and Africa: learning the lessons of structural adjustment
10 Rural cattle marketing in Zimbabwe
11 Zimbabwe’s new agricultural entrepreneurs I: pig production
12 Retail revolutions: the rise and rise of butcheries and informal food selling in Zimbabwe
13 Land tenure dilemmas in Zimbabwe
14 Why economists fail in Africa
15 Irrigating Zimbabwe: time for some new thinking
16 Tractors, power and development. Mechanising Zimbabwean agriculture
17 What role for large-scale commercial agriculture in post-land reform Zimbabwe: Africa’s experience of alternative models
18 Beef value chains in Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe
19 Class, politics and land reform in Zimbabwe
20 Zimbabwe’s gold rush: livelihoods for the poor or a patronage economy, or both?

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