Catch up on Zimbabweland

If you missed out on Zimbabweland blog posts since the beginning of the year, you can catch up now (sorry, I am on holiday!). Here are the dozen most popular ones of those posted this year:

  1. Spurious statistics: why figures on Zimbabwe’s ‘lost growth’ mislead
  2. Going up in smoke: the environmental costs of Zimbabwe’s tobacco boom
  3. Dams, flooding and displacement: the Tokwe Mukorsi dam
  4. A fictitious budget or a sensible plan in constrained circumstances? Zimbabwe’s 2014 budget
  5. Land tenure dilemmas in Zimbabwe
  6. Zimbabwe’s country clubs: the changing social life of Zimbabwe’s farming areas
  7. Zimbabwe’s gold rush: livelihoods for the poor or a patronage economy, or both?
  8. Farm workers: reconstructing lives and livelihoods
  9. GM crops: continuing controversy
  10. Access to $1000 credit: would this help unleash agricultural commercialisation in Zimbabwe?
  11. What should be on a new Zim dollar note? Two nominations
  12. Rethinking agricultural extension

If you want to ensure you don’t miss any, just sign up on the blog and each Monday a new post will be sent automatically to your inbox.

Also, in case you missed them, two blog series were posted in this period, focusing on updates of the Masvingo ‘livelihoods after land reform’ work, looking at changes in the last five years, and comparing new resettlements with nearby communal areas. You can find the first posts in the links below (they ran for the subsequent 4-5 weeks, so just click ‘next’).

Finally, the low cost book ‘Debating Zimbabwe’s Land Reform’, a compilation of various blogs from 2011-2013, is now available in Kindle format for 77p! You can still buy the book via Amazon if you prefer a paper version for just over a fiver (UK pounds that is).

This post was written by Ian Scoones and originally appeared on Zimbabweland




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3 responses to “Catch up on Zimbabweland

  1. William Doctor

    Is it possible for you to comment on the below quote from ‘The Zimbabwean’? It is being bandied-about on the internet.

    “In agriculture the government points to the rapid rise in tobacco production with sales in 2014 reaching the 200,000 tonne barrier. However 70 per cent of growers failed to pay back their loans and financing in the coming season will decline by about 30 per cent as companies seek to limit their exposure to unsecured debt.”

    • Given our experience of research in and around Mvurwi the last few seasons, this didn’t seem likely to me given the tight contracting relationships for tobacco. But I wanted to check, and asked a senior economist and industry insider. He just replied “Sales did breach the 200 million kg mark but the “70 per cent of growers failed to pay back their loans and financing in the coming season will decline by about 30 per cent” is hogwash. I do not know where that came from”. There are a lot of things being ‘bandied about’ on the Internet about Zimbabwe quite a bit ‘hogwash’, so it’s always important to check. Thanks for asking.

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