Zimbabweland in 2013

Over the Xmas and New Year break, why not catch up with the blogs you missed (as I am taking a break and not writing any new ones until the new year….!)? Below is a listing of the 20 most viewed blogs that were published this year. They reflect the tumultuous political events of constitution making and elections, but also the on-going debates about the way forward for agriculture, land and rural development.

You can also read many of them, along with some new essays and many others, both older and recent, in the new 224 page book, Debating Zimbabwe’s Land Reform. As mentioned last week, it’s now out and is available at a very reasonable price through Amazon.a3 test

The top 20 for this year is below (of course biased by the fact that those posted in January have had rather longer to accumulate views). Happy reading! Do please add constructive comments, as it’s always good to get reactions on the blog, and don’t forget to sign up for an alert each time a blog is posted.

1 Difficult lessons from Zimbabwe that some South Africans just don’t want to hear
2 Food crisis in Zimbabwe: 2.2 million at risk. But where do the figures come from, and what do they mean?
3 Policies for land, agriculture and rural development: some suggestions for Zimbabwe
4 Guest Blog: Land Reform in Zimbabwe Revisited: Reflections from a book launch in London
5 The new farm workers: Changing agrarian labour dynamics following land reform in Zimbabwe
6 What role for large-scale commercial agriculture in post-land reform Zimbabwe: Africa’s experience of alternative   models
7 Agrarian change, rural poverty and land reform: South Africa’s experience
8 Class, politics and land reform in Zimbabwe
9 Beyond White Settler Capitalism: Zimbabwe’s Agrarian Reform
10 The Unbearable Whiteness of Being. Reflections on white farming in Zimbabwe
11 Growth in jeopardy? Reflections on Zimbabwe’s 2013 budget statement
12 Tractors, power and development. Mechanising Zimbabwean agriculture
13 Zimbabwe’s agricultural sector goes from ‘bread basket to basket case’? Or is it (again) a bit more complicated?
14 Transforming Zimbabwe’s agrarian economy: why smallholder farming is important
15 The sweet smell of success: the revival of Zimbabwe’s sugar industry
16 When is research ‘really authoritative’? Challenges of evidence, authorship and positionality in research on Zimbabwe’s land reform
17 Zimbabwe’s elections 2013: more confusion, more uncertainty
18 The MDC-T’s Agenda for Real Transformation (ART): why the land and agriculture sections need more thought
19 Zimbabwe has a new Constitution, but disputes over the land provisions continue
20 Old powers and new powers: agriculture and investment in Africa

This post was written by Ian Scoones and originally appeared on Zimbabweland


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3 responses to “Zimbabweland in 2013

  1. am

    Enjoy a well earned break.
    Today is budget day. No doubt an analysis on the agriculture provision will be given in the New Year.

  2. am

    Although there will be a difficulty in financing and implementing some of the themes this looks good. Key passages like assisting emerging entrepeneurs, drought proofing, contract farming, engaging partners on ARDA estates etc are there. Also formalisation of title gives a credit worthy basis for loans and hence development in the sector by dynamic entrepeneurs who wish to go their own way rather than be bound into contracts.
    Chinamassa and also Nhema are men that can take Zimbabwe forward.

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