Voices from the field: growing cotton in Nuanetsi ranch

This week again I am highlighting another of our videos from the series, ‘Voices from the Field’. Again, if you don’t want to watch the intro sequence again, run it on to around 1 minute 11 seconds.

This week, I want to introduce Mr Chidangure who produces cotton in the Uswaushava area, part of the massive Nuanetsi ranch. While he focuses on cotton, his wife organises beer sales. Together they make a significant income, and have begun investing in purchasing cattle, and building their home.

While the cotton price has dipped in recent years, they are still committed to growing it, but are also diversifying into other crops. Mr Chidangure favours the former parastatal Cottco, as it reliably supplies seed and chemicals, but there are many other companies competing for custom in the area, and competition is fierce.

When the film was made this was still an ‘informal settlement’ with absolutely no formal tenure security. Despite this, investments such as house building have occurred, as seen in the film. Since then their claims on the land have been recognised with ‘offer letters’, and with this farmers feel more secure.

Thanks to income from cotton the family has finished the construction of the houses, with them all now plastered and painted.

For the full set, go to: http://www.youtube.com/user/ZimLandReform

This post was written by Ian Scoones and originally appeared on Zimbabweland


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5 responses to “Voices from the field: growing cotton in Nuanetsi ranch

  1. William Doctor

    I note that Mugabe has lashed out at the ‘new farmers’ for being unproductive, and for committing that most unforgivable of sins; subcontracting to white settlers. Any comment on such crass racism?


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