Catch up time: the top 20 blogs from the past year

It is holiday season in the UK where I live, and the blog will have a quiet spell until September. However, there will be something new each week, so do check in.

This week, I thought I would give you the opportunity to catch up with past blogs that you may have missed. Below are links to the 20 most viewed blogs in the past year. It seems that there are lots of people interested in livestock!

1 Zimbabwe’s beef industry
2 Zimbabwe’s poultry industry: rapid recovery, but major   challenges
3 Difficult lessons from Zimbabwe that some South Africans just   don’t want to hear
4 Two new books on Zimbabwe’s land reform
5 Guest Blog: Land Reform in Zimbabwe Revisited: Reflections   from a book launch in London
6 Farming under contract
7 Small farms, big farms
8 The new farm workers: Changing agrarian labour dynamics   following land reform in Zimbabwe
9 A growing evidence base: yet more inconvenient truths
10 The Unbearable Whiteness of Being. Reflections on white   farming in Zimbabwe
11 Agrarian change, rural poverty and land reform: South   Africa’s experience
12 When is research ‘really authoritative’? Challenges of   evidence, authorship and positionality in research on Zimbabwe’s land reform
13 Beyond White Settler Capitalism: Zimbabwe’s Agrarian Reform
14 The sweet smell of success: the revival of Zimbabwe’s sugar   industry
15 The golden leaf: boom time in Zimbabwe
16 Growth in jeopardy? Reflections on Zimbabwe’s 2013 budget   statement
17 Tractors, power and development. Mechanising Zimbabwean   agriculture
18 Transforming Zimbabwe’s agrarian economy: why smallholder   farming is important
19 Robert Mugabe… what happened?
20 Geographies of violence in Zimbabwe

And here are the countries where you all come from in rank order, this time a top 10 (although amazingly there are 142 countries in all!). By far the majority of you come from the top 4, or have your internet registered there. No readers from China as all WordPress blogs are blocked as I found out when I was in Beijing recently, but some do access via VPN connections I am told.

1     Zimbabwe
2      United   Kingdom
3      United   States
4      South   Africa
5      Australia
6      Netherlands
7      Canada
8      Germany
9      Kenya
10      India

And finally, in terms of search terms that get you here, there are some interesting patterns. There are of course all those of you interested in livestock (beef production in Zimbabwe, cattle rearing in Zimbabwe, poultry industry in Zimbabwe etc.). There are plenty of people looking for other people (or perhaps themselves!). The top person searches are: Josphat Mushongah, Jeannette Manjengwa, Teresa Smart, Dale Dore and Dennis Norman). There are a few (poor students likely) looking for definitions (‘extractive’ and ‘inclusive institution’ being the two most popular, both linked to the ‘Why Nations Fail’ blog). And then there are some interesting give-aways, with ‘will South Africa become like Zimbabwe’, the most telling (and permutations of which are intriguingly popular).

I think that’s enough stats analysis for now. Have fun reading the blogs while I am away. Next week, no lists I promise.

This post was written by Ian Scoones and originally appeared on Zimbabweland

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