Greatest hits. Your favourite posts in the past year

It’s holiday season in the UK, and the blog is taking a rest. New posts will be coming in early September. But meanwhile here are links to the top 20 blogs over the last year in rank order (by number of hits). If you missed ones that others read, now is the chance to catch up. Happy reading! And don’t forget to sign up by clicking ‘follow blog’ to the right of here and receive new blogs by email usually once a week!


Blog link

1 China and Brazil in Zimbabwe
2 Robert Mugabe… what happened?
3 Young people and agriculture
4 Zimbabwe’s beef industry
5 Zimbabwe’s land myths exposed –   implications for South Africa?
6 Why nations fail: perspectives on   Zimbabwe
7 The next great trek: from Zimbabwe   to Nigeria
8 Who took the land? More on the   ‘crony’ debate
9 The golden leaf: boom time in   Zimbabwe
10 The case for redistributing land –   evidence from South Africa
11 Dead capital: De Soto’s fallacies in   Zimbabwe
12 A media glasnost?
13 ‘Resource nationalism’: a risk to   economic recovery?
14 Education on the farms
15 Who are the authors? The challenges   of positionality, partiality and reflexivity
16 Five questions for Morgan Tsvangirai
17 The UK aid programme in Zimbabwe
18 Dealing with the national debt – and   farm compensation
19 Nutrition Puzzles
20 Conservation agriculture: the   problem of donor fads

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