“Research without prejudicial assumptions”

In the January PLECserv list newsletter from ANU in Australia offers a brief review of the recent JPS issue on land in Zimbabwe. It describes all papers as moving above previous tendencies to cast fast-track land reform as an ‘unmitigated disaster’. It commends the papers as representing ‘research without prejudicial assumptions’. Of course we hope that all research does not have prejudicial assumptions framing it. However, as all readers of this blog will know, this is often not the case. This is why the JPS special issue, with all papers rigorously reviewed by multiple peer reviewers, is so important.

Here is the introduction. The rest is available via the link.

New light on Fast-track Land Reform in Zimbabwe January 30, 2012

PLECserv 128The Journal of Peasant Studies has lately produced what has long been sought by observers of a decade of tumultuous ‘fast-track’ land reform (FTLR) in the midst of economic and political crisis in Zimbabwe. The special issue in December 2011 gets above a long-running tendency to regard FTLR as an unmitigated disaster. Although some of the papers severely criticize the handling of the reform, almost all also describe positive outcomes. All 11 papers rely on research without prejudicial assumptions.


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