JPS Special issue on land reform outcomes – just released

Just released – the much awaited:

Journal of Peasant Studies Special Issue: Outcomes of post-2000 Fast Track Land Reform in Zimbabwe

Guest Editors: Lionel Cliffe, University of Leeds; Jocelyn Alexander, University of Oxford; Ben Cousins, PLAAS, University of the Western Cape, and Rudo Gaidzanwa, University of Zimbabwe

The occupations of large commercial farms that erupted in Zimbabwe in 2000 and lead to the Fast Track Land Reform Programme (FTLR) has attracted an enormous amount of media comment and controversy in Zimbabwe and around the world, on the basis of which people developed very clear-cut stances about its consequences – on agricultural production, on the prospects of rural dwellers and on the overall economy. But until recently the rush to judgement was largely uninformed by any hard evidence, with little exploration of outcomes: what new production systems, changed livelihoods and social relations have emerged. In the last two or three years a significant volume of independent empirically-based material from detailed local studies has begun to see the light of day. This Special Issue is the first initiative to bring these empirical studies in one collection in order to contribute to a more informed and very necessary debate.

Some of these articles can be downloaded for FREE from the JPS website: for a limited period!

Table of Contents:

An overview of Fast Track Land Reform in Zimbabwe, Lionel Cliffe, Jocelyn Alexander, Ben Cousins and Rudo Gaidzanwa

Changing agrarian relations after redistributive land reform in Zimbabwe, Sam Moyo

Zimbabwe’s land reform: challenging the myths, Ian Scoones, Nelson Marongwe, Blasio Mavedzenge, Felix Murimbarimba, Jacob Mahenehene, and Chrispen Sukume

Contextualizing Zimbabwe’s land reform: long-term observations from the first generation, Marleen Dekker and Bill Kinsey

Women’s struggles to access and control land and livelihoods after fast track land reform in Mwenezi District, Zimbabwe, Patience Matupo

Restructuring of agrarian labour relations after Fast Track Land Reform in Zimbabwe, Walter Chambati

Who was allocated Fast Track land, and what did they do with it? Selection of A2 farmers in Goromonzi District, Zimbabwe and its impacts on agricultural production, Nelson Marongwe

A synopsis of land and agrarian change in Chipinge district, Zimbabwe, Phillan Zamchiya

Land, graves and belonging: land reform and the politics of belonging in newly resettled farms in Gutu, 2000–2009, Joseph Mujere

Local farmer groups and collective action within fast track land reform in Zimbabwe, Tendai Murisa


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